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Monday, April 26, 2010

Rough sketch for Watres Memorial

(at the end of the last three meetings there has been a brief discussion as to what to do with the $1,300 grant for a memorial of some sort.)

My hat in the ring; Fast doodle of my suggestion for Watres Memorial. Tall in stature yet modest in design, affordable for it's simplicity but fancier and more substantial than a bench. Cement wraparound bench around a planter high enough to protect from deer. Old fashioned stone construction with plaque somewhere. Arthur and I years ago went on car rides and he always wanted to point out the old stone homes left in area. He discussed a monument with me before and wanted a tall sculpture commissioned from an artist as a landmark. But I prefer something living like this which symbolizes more as it could represent a sanctuary of protected plants (as opposed to one artist's vision which is very subjective).


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